Mayan Calendar Girls


And here's what they're saying.

The times being what they are (such as they still are) people are increasingly turning to MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS for a touch of entertainment, wisdom, humor, cheesecake, and cheap excuses while there is still time left to kill.
Guiding humanity in the search for trenchant reading matter are various reviewers, critics, cynics, viewers-with-alarm and anthro-apologists who have spotted the Girls as The Next Big Thing and are sharing their insights.

Reading MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS takes some brain adjustment to click in to the tenor of the book...but chapters are short and son become addictive. This is a prophetic book on many levels - comedy, the 20/12/12012 dialogue, and the transition from computer to paperback book. It is a hoot!

Grady Harp - "Top 50 and Hall of Fame reviewer on" - December 1/2011
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"Mayan Calendar Girls" lives up to its growing cult reputation-a funny, smart, sexy, ever-changing dance.
Max Carrillo - Midwest Book Review - September/2011

Mayan Calendar Girls is a book unlike any I have ever read. Even if the story doesn’t intrigue you, you may find that reading this is great just for the humorous way it is written. You will most likely find yourself laughing through much of it.
Mike Saxon - "Weapons of Mass Distraction" - December 26/2011
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What a wild trip!
Tim Rickard - Syndicated cartoonist - Brewster Rockit

EXTREMELY fantastic that I cannot praise it enough.
Keiko Alvarez, The Japanese Cowgirl - - July 11/2011

If you're looking for a highly entertaining book, this is definitely it. The author definitely has both a sense of humor and a quick wit to create dialogue that flows so well and so humorously.

Krystal Larson - "Live To Read"- November 22/2011