How To Read This HyperNovel

Naked and stoned in the dark, that’s how.

But at a more immediate level, this isn’t your parents’ novel. (Duh, it’s in a blog.)

If you just came in and want to “catch up” to previous episodes, you can do it in a number of ways. Any click in the sidebar will bring up all the posts that fit that criteria and you can read through them as they catch your eye. A picture will slowly emerge. Hopefully. If not, hey, welcome to ADD theater:

You can always read the last five episodes by clicking under the section catchily titled “Last Five Episodes”.

The Cloud Index to the left is very much in keeping with our hyper-textual phenomena here. Just stick your cursor in the cloud and click on anything interesting that bubbles to the surface. These include characters as well as activities and props. No fair just reading all the sex ones. Well, actually, you can do that if you want. Perv.

The Scenarios menu is basically settings or locations or whatever. Tulum, The AntiMatter Collider thing, Washington D.C. (Now there’s a scenario for you) Each will call up episodes taking place in that location, or general situation.

Indices is the plural of index. Did you know that? Now you do. Each link in that menu leads to a page with other links on it. Which could go on forever, but doesn’t. This isn’t a porn topsite. An index is one possible configuration or sequence of episodes. There are only a few at first, but we hope to see more from readers, critics, and mopes. If you want to develop an index of your own and share it DON’T try to send it to us. Do we sound like people who give out our address and phone number to people like you? Post it in a forum where MCG is being discussed and maybe we will see it, like it, put it on the site with your name on it and send you a cashiers check for one million dollars. But probably not.

Lastly, and most prosaically–although it can be fun–there’s the Search box. Just type in a keyword and hit “Enter” and you might get somewhere.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a RSS feed so you can get weekly installments piped right to your email box, MyYahoo, or wherever you get your news.

We hope you like Mayan Calendar Girls. We REALLY hope you like it enough to become a cult following like DeadHeads and ParrotHeads and HitchhikerHeads. So why don’t you?

Right over there on the left. Push a button. Go on. It can’t hurt you, it’s just the internet.