Yes, MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS ran as a free web serial. And most of it is still there to be read. But there's still room for anybody interested in the book to read some free pdf sample chapters we've picked to show some of our cool. Download them, read them, mail them to your friends.

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A sampler of samples, as it were. Slices of this incredible novel to give you an idea of the nuggets of nonesuch you will find therein. Nice focus on Aphra, black lesbian industrial spy with industrial-strength attitude--working AGAINST the Democrat re-election effort. Watch out Girls battle off artifact-stealing bootie bandits and take off on a nude jet ski chase in the Caribbean moonlight. Shrooms come into this, and it wouldn't be a Latin American novel with some bees and butterflies hovering around, would it?
It's greieved us to find that some readers (well, non-readers, we suppose) take the innocent cheesecake and cute/hot heroines of Mayan Calendar Girls as some sort of sexist male drivel. Not true, we also have sexist female drivel. Read these chapters about MeiMei and Tuan and see if you don't think it qualifies as True Romance.
Mayan Calendar Girls covers a lot of ground and styles, everything from satire to adventure to archaelogy to eschatology to post-temporal permanence. So what do we get the most online buzz about? Sex and love with dolphins. Praise, dissed, ogled... here are botht he clean and nasty verions. You decide
Psilocybin mushrooms don't play any larger factor in this book than amorous dolphin's do...but they also have a major role. They arrive as prophesised, delvier as expected, and continue to shape destinies.
BONUS: First Chapter of Book 2
Sure there will be a sequel. (You didn't notice a few loose ends?) And this one takes us right up to the End of Time. And, better yet, beyond the End of Time. That might sound odd, but explaining it would be a Spoiler. Meanwhile, here's how it kicks off.